literally just a clip of ravers dancing at a music festival, but with the rave music taken out and Benny Hill music put in x

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feeling grateful for spaces & communities that i am creating and a part of / feeling sustained by love more than anger for the first time in awhile

Things to do before May 28th
- finish finals
- go to spain!!!!
- go to morocco!!!!
- visit mounia!!!!!!
- learn how to walk in heels again
- learn how to hide my undercut w/o it looking like I have a donald trump combover
- find dress shirts that look cute on me
- buy shoes!
- hope there are queer people in DC
- get my ass to DC!

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So this event is being put on by the RCC at Columbia/Barnard: “Join us for a frank discussion on hookup culture through an interactive speed dating event. Meet new people, get some phone numbers, or at least a snapchat name! All identities welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Brought to you by the Columbia/Barnard Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center

The RCC has been putting off meeting with us because they’re apparently really busy (putting on events like this??)

I want to start a comment thread on the event: 

HOOK ME UP to trans-competent crisis care!

HOOK ME UP to names of trauma counselors to help me bypass month-long wait times!

HOOK ME UP to access to your resources after 11pm at night!


jackie rules


jackie rules

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proof harry potter is definitely white and cannot be a POC:

  • they dont mention his race, which means he’s white, the default race
  • he has green eyes, which only white people can have
  • he has naturally jet black hair, a hair color most commonly associated with white people
  • he is funny, charming, brave, and charismatic, traits i have trouble associating with non-whites
  • he is a complex character and i have trouble imagining non-whites as complex people
  • he is the protagonist of a book that is not about racism
transformative justice


some initial observations on violence:

1. our oppressors often view themselves as victims

2. it is easier to point fingers at a person rather than a system

3. it is easier to point fingers at a system rather than ourselves

4. oppression is not a feeling: we should not have to perform victim narratives to be noticed

5. how can we better express simultaneous injury as well as complicity?

Why Queers Love Astrology by Christopher J. Lee | recaps


"Why do queers love astrology? To reduce this affective tendency to escapism or fantasy belies the sincerer ways these astrological attachments present. Given the traumas inflicted on queers by psychological and medical naming, given the pathologization of queerness—which render it hyper-visible as dyadic opposite while eliminating its social function—the fear of the established identity conveys lingering anxieties about the entrapment of labor or desire, which prescribe what we, as queers, should or must do, where we do or do not belong.

And prescription is, ironically, what astrology presumes to offer, except that its rubric for understanding the world rests on dubious grounds, thus rendering its insights equally suspect and a little trashy. Trashy, first of all, because it embraces shoddy reasoning or naïve thinking; trashy, further, because it is the shit of society, the comic relief, and the domain of tabloids and personals; and trashy, foremost, because queers love trash.

Queers love the outcast and the tasteless—astrology signing for the ideological refuse cast off by the rise of reason, and the coincident subjection of the world to its observable and documentable phenomena. The queer love for astrology intimates this embarrassing attachment construed, then, not merely as fantasy, but as phantasmic and aspirational, seedy and spectral, and as desire with and against the ghosts of dangerous circumstances, wounded expectations, and powerful sentiment for impossible or imagined futures.”

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn

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Impulse - $6.99

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i want all of these


~*~queer takeover~*~


~*~queer takeover~*~


i look so good

I could totally use a cool-looking fanny pack.

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